Black Saks Shopper Claims Sales Reps Ignored Her

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Black Saks Shopper Claims Sales Reps Ignored Her

“They either think we can’t afford it or we got lost.”

PUBLISHED ON : JULY 19, 2021 / 03:28 PM

Written by Paul Meara

A New York City model is sharing her recent experience at a Saks Fifth Avenue, during which she faced racial microaggressions while shopping for wedding shoes.

Erica Wiltz, who goes by @itsdaddylonglegs on TikTok, posted a video on the social media platform detailing the lack of customer service she received at the department store.

“Went to #saksfifthavenue excited to buy @jimmychoo wedding shoes & it turned out like this. #onblast #blackinamerica,” Wiltz captioned her video, which has surpassed 875,000 views.

In her video, Wiltz said she patiently waited at the store while watching another white shopper receive help first.

“Had to demand help but he’s still not getting my sale,” she said after finally receiving service, adding she left the store in tears.

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Went to #saksfifthavenue excited to buy @jimmychoo wedding shoes & it turned out like this. #onblast #blackinamerica #racismawareness #nycshopping

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Viewers of Wiltz’s viral TikTok video were outraged.

“This does not get talked bout enough! They either think we can’t afford it or we got lost and ended up there,” one commenter wrote. “IM SO SORRY THIS HAPPENED TO YOU. You can find out anything on Google please search for a business owner your color I promise u can find very good one,” another said.

Additionally, Wiltz posted another video about her experience and said she went to Saks for her wedding shoes because she loves the luxury outlet and has always had good experiences before. She also detailed how she was “joyful and enthusiastic” to pick out her shoes, but had to watch everyone else get help while she sat alone.

“I [was] invisible,” Wiltz said. “And until you experience that, you can’t say s**t about that experience because that is the lowest a human possibly feel.”

Wiltz says she waited patiently the whole time while a salesperson never acknowledged her even though she was clearly waiting for service. And after the salesperson was done with a white customer, they simply walked away.

(Photo by Peter Brandt/Getty Images)


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