Passenger Discovers Ammunition Clip on Flight

Passenger Discovers Ammunition Clip on Flight

Published November 23, 2010

PHOENIX – A passenger aboard a Southwest Airlines flight found a fully loaded ammunition clip from a law enforcement officer's service weapon during a flight Tuesday from Burbank, Calif., to Phoenix, an airline spokesman said.

The passenger handed the clip to the flight crew after finding it in flight, Southwest Airlines spokesman Paul Flaningan said.

The plane landed safely in Phoenix, and passengers on Flight 1297 were taken off and rescreened. The plane was also searched and no other weapons were found.

The passenger who found the clip was met and questioned by TSA and Phoenix police at Sky Harbor International Airport.

The clip apparently was dropped accidentally by a licensed law enforcement officer who declared he had the clip, Flaningan said. The law enforcement officer was on a previous flight.

It's not clear how long the ammunition clip was on the plane or what caliber bullets the clip held.

Flaningan was unable to say if the officer was an air marshal or a police officer.

(This version CORRECTS Corrects to say ammunition clip was from officer's service weapon instead of revolver)

Written by Associated Press


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