Another Racial Incident at UCSD

Another Racial Incident at UCSD

Published February 28, 2011

The University of California at San Diego can’t seem to get out of its own way when it comes to race.

Just a year after having to explain why it is inappropriate for a fraternity to hold a "Compton Cookout" party and ask guests come as "ghetto chicks" and gangsters, the university must now explain how and why an email with the N-word was sent to the entire student body.

Writes the San Diego Union Tribune:


Someone hit “reply all” on an administration e-mail to all students about an upcoming survey—something that’s not supposed to be allowed. The subject line on the unauthorized email blast was “penis” and the sole word in the message text was the plural of the N-word in all capital letters.

A leader of the university’s Black Student Union said the e-mail is evidence that racial problems have not been eliminated and the university’s efforts to do so have been ineffective.


In a letter to Chancellor Marye Anne Fox, Victor Brown, vice chair of the BSU, wrote: “We are worried about how this e-mail and potential responses can cause more pain, distress, discomfort for students of color, especially the African-American community and those of us still recovering from the events of last winter quarter.”

The school disagrees, saying that the email was sent by one student “being a jerk,” and that the email is not indicative of the school’s policy on race.



Image : Courtesy of Alex Hansen / UCSD

Written by Deborah Creighton Skinner


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