Man Asks for $1 Million, Stranger Gives it to Him!

Man Asks for $1 Million, Stranger Gives it to Him!

Published January 24, 2011

In November 2010, writer and stand-up comedian Craig Rowin posted a video online with a simple message: he wanted a million dollars. He didn’t want to work for a million dollars, nor did he want to play the lottery. He simply wanted a millionaire to give him one million dollars. “Millionaires, listen up,” he said. “I have a proposition. Please give me one million dollars.”

 Two months later, Rowin has gotten his wish.

Never has the phrase “Ask and ye shall receive” seemed more appropriate. According to Rowin, his mysterious benefactor, who he’ll only call “Benjamin,” called him out of the blue said he wanted to make the 27-year-old a millionaire.

In a new online video celebrating his success, Rowin waves a notarized letter supposedly from Benjamin’s lawyer and plays a short telephone message from Benjamin. Both could be fakes, of course, but Rowin says he’s not pulling a stunt.

“It still hasn't sunk in yet," he told the New York Daily News. “Do I deserve it? I have no idea. Maybe not. But there's so much wealth. Let me have a chunk.”

Rowin says Benjamin has agreed to give him the check on Feb. 2 at the Upright Citizens Brigade comedy theater, where he performs from time to time.

What’s he going to buy first? He doesn’t know. He does know what he’s not going to buy: “I’m not going to go out and buy two jet skis. At least not now.”

Written by Cord Jefferson


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