Mom Charged With Killing Her Four Kids Says They Were 'Possessed' | News |

Mom Charged With Killing Her Four Kids Says They Were 'Possessed' | News |

Published January 12, 2008

Posted Jan. 11, 2008— The D.C. woman charged with killing her four daughters and letting their bodies decompose for months told police that the girls were possessed by demons, reports The Washington Post.

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The mother, Banita Jacks, also told authorities the girls (Britney Jacks, 17; Tatianna Jacks, 11; N'Kiah Fogle 6; and Aja Fogle, 5) had been dead for at least four months before they were discovered Wednesday when U.S. Marshalls came to the home to deliver eviction papers.

At the stage of decomposition the bodies were in, though, authorities say the girls could have been dead as early as May.

Jacks claims she did not kill any of the girls and that they all died in their sleep, one by one.

But prosecutors claim that the oldest, Britney, had three stab wounds near her neck; Tatianna and N’Kiah had strangle marks and Aja had strangle marks and blunt-force trauma to the back of her head, reports the paper.

And Tawana Crump, 45, a recently released prisoner who shared a cellblock area with Jacks says she confessed to killing her children.

“She kept talking about her kids had demons in them,” she told The Washington Post, adding that she smelled like “death.”

“That woman is crazy,” she said.

At the court appearance, Jacks’ public defender asked for her to be released since she was not a threat to anyone. The judge denied the request and ordered that she remained in jail at least until her next hearing Feb. 11.

During the past year, D.C. Child and Family Services investigators visited the home three times, according to an agency spokesperson. But all three times, the family was not there, reports the paper.

And it seems the schools lost track of the girls as well. Jacks pulled out the three youngest from a charter school in March, saying she was going to home school them. The oldest hadn’t been to school in months.

People who knew the family said that the family’s troubles began last February, when Nathaniel Fogle, the father of the two youngest girls, died of cancer. Since then Jacks had become increasingly anti-social and hard to get in contact with.

Tywana Richardson, godmother to two of the girls, says she reached out to Jacks several times since Fogle’s death to no avail.

“"No one would answer the door…When I kept going and she wasn't there, I figured she had upped and moved," she told the newspaper.



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