New Orleans’ Crime is Out of Control

New Orleans’ Crime is Out of Control

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Jan. 4, 2008- Crescent City Crime went through the roof in 2006.

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New crime figures released last week show that New Orleans saw its crime shoot up 30 percent over last year, when it earned the dubious distinction as the nation’s murder capital.

In 2007, New Orleans registered 71 murders per 100,000 residents; in 2006, there were 63.5 murders per 10,000.

Most of the homicides were either drug-related or payback killings – usually in the most notorious neighborhoods, according to the report by GCR & Associates, an urban consultant firm, which estimates the city’s population at 295,450.

In second place as the most murderous metropolis is Gary, Ind., with 48.3 per 100,000 residents; Detroit is equally destructive with 47.1 killings per 100,000. New York City recorded only six homicides per 100,000 residents, while Los Angeles had 10.3.

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