Read and Watch: Hotlanta's Really Sticky These Days

Read and Watch: Hotlanta's Really Sticky These Days

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Dec. 18, 2007 –  Atlanta isn’t so proud of its latest distinction: It leads the rest of the nation in the number of bank robberies.

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The metropolitan area’s rapid growth has ushered in a crime wave that is outpacing many crime-ridden larger cities. When it comes to robberies of banks, Atlanta is No. 1 with 351 heists this year.

Los Angeles follows with 338 and Philadelphia with 316, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports, citing FBI figures.

“It's fairly clear that Atlanta as a metro area has grown in population and in geography, and the banks have matched that," said Stephen Emmett, an FBI spokesman in Atlanta.

Perhaps the best-known Atlanta bank robbery of all time belongs to the so-called “Barbie Bandits,” two young women who snatched international headlines after walking into Bank of America in Acworth, handing the teller a note and strolling out, giggling, with $11,000.

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