Atlanta Mayor's Son-in-Law Ran Interstate Cocaine Ring

Atlanta Mayor's Son-in-Law Ran Interstate Cocaine Ring

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Dec. 18, 2007 - Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin accompanied her daughter Kai Franklin Graham to the same courthouse where Tremayne Graham received a life sentence for dope smuggling this year.

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Graham, 34, is Kai Franklin Graham's ex-husband, and he is believed to have trafficked at least 2,200 pounds of cocaine from L.A. through Atlanta to Greenville, S.C. Kai Franklin Graham, 35, is accused of having converted $14,000 of dope money into government-issued money orders while Graham was on the run from law enforcement.

The mayor's daughter has admitted visiting seven different post offices in one day to avoid federal guidelines affecting transactions of greater than $2,000.She pleaded guilty Monday before a Greenville judge to illegally concealing the cocaine profits, and will be sentenced in 60 to 90 days.

Franklin Graham is expected to receive probation. She filed for divorce from her husband two years ago.

Mark Moore, an assistant U.S. attorney who prosecuted Graham, told a judge at earlier proceedings about what he felt evidence showed in Franklin's case.

"Her husband is a fugitive, OK?" Moore said at the time. "She knows where he is. She isn't telling law enforcement where he is.And, in fact, what she is doing is taking dope money from him while she knows he is a fugitive.

Taking money from a drug dealer, that you know or suspect to be drug proceeds, is money laundering.”

Court records showed that Tremayne Graham was a “major drug dealer” with ties to the Black Mafia Family, whose leaders were recently convicted for drug trafficking.

The Black Mafia Family was known for promoting hip hop recording artists in conjunction with its dope operations.

Graham and 12 other defendants were accused of moving at least 500 kilograms of coke from California to Atlanta, before it was delivered to Greenville.

Graham fled California, where he and Franklin Graham lived together, after cutting off an ankle monitor, ordered by the court.

It was then that he reportedly began sending money to the mayor's daughter. Mayor Franklin declined comment after Monday's hearing, but she previously stated:

"I ran for mayor. None of my children did. They are subject to the law, as they should be."

Written by BET-Staff


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