News| Law | Bynum's Estranged Husband Faced Financial Troubles

News| Law | Bynum's Estranged Husband Faced Financial Troubles

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Sept. 4, 2007 – When Bishop Thomas Weeks III allegedly attacked his estranged wife, Juanita Bynum; he apparently had a lot on his mind – like his cash flow.

According to Fox 5 in Atlanta, the 40-year-old bishop has more than the law to worry about.  The creditors are also coming after him.

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Police and court records reveal that Weeks started having a hard time paying the bills after he and Bynum split three months ago.

The station reports that there is more than $100,000 in judgments against Weeks. He reportedly owes the Xerox Corporation $63,000;  Tiffany and Company jewelry store says he hasn't paid the $22,000 he owes; a credit card company says Weeks is in arrears for $13,000; and Ford Motor Credit has a $6,000 judgment against him.  Three of the creditors, according to The Associated Press, say they still haven't received a dime from Weeks.

And the story gets worse.

The Global Destiny Ministries pastor is close to losing the church he and Bynum built, and he was evicted from his Duluth, Ga., home in late June, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

On Friday, Weeks was formally indicted on charges of assault, simple battery and terroristic threats in connection with the attack on Bynum.

Bynum says Weeks choked her, pushed her down, kicked and stomped her in the parking lot of an Atlanta hotel on Aug. 21. A hotel bellhop allegedly intervened, stopping Weeks from continuing the attack. He fled the scene, but later turned himself in to Atlanta Police.

A witness tells Atlanta Police that Weeks was heard saying that he was going to kill Bynum. 

So what was the motive behind the alleged attack?

Bynum reportedly questioned Weeks about being gay, TransWorldNews reports.  The self-proclaimed prophetess, according to the news agency, was upset and uncomfortable with the close relationships he had with some of the men in the church.

If convicted, Weeks faces a maximum sentence of more than 25 years in prison.

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Meanwhile, a group representing 16,000 Black and Latino churches is calling for Weeks' suspension from the ministry they founded together for at least three years.

On Sunday, the Washington, D.C.-based National Black Church Initiative, calling the actions of Weeks “morally wrong and reprehensible,” urged its members not to support the ministry of Weeks, who is free on $40,000 bond following his indictment on aggravated assault and making terrorist threats, 11 Alive News in Atlanta reported.

Weeks, who has been separated from his wife for the past three months, “has hurt the cause of Christ,” said the initiative’s president, the Rev. Anthony Evans.

“We’re not going to tolerate this kind of behavior,” he said, adding that Christians should not recognize Weeks as ordained clergy.

Since the Global Destiny Church is not under the jurisdiction of the Black Church Initiative, Weeks is not obliged to resign as Evans has requested, and he has not responded to the censure. Weeks’ attorneys said the full story of what happened in the parking lot will be told in court and noted that Weeks wants to work things out with his wife.

Bynum and Weeks were married in a million-dollar, televised wedding in 2002.

Does Weeks deserve to be dissed by the church community, or should everybody just forgive and forget?

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