Man Takes Hostages at Clinton's New Hampshire Campaign Office

Man Takes Hostages at Clinton's New Hampshire Campaign Office

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Nov. 30, 2007 – A man, who says he has a bomb, took at least two hostages at Sen. Hillary Clinton’s New Hampshire campaign office Friday, reports The Associated Press.

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Sen. Clinton, who had planned to give a speech to members of the Democratic National Committee in Virginia, was not in New Hampshire at the time.

After ordering the hostages to get on the floor, the suspect released a mother and her baby, according to State Police Maj. Michael Hambrook.

But two volunteers for Clinton’s campaign were still being held, Bill Shaheen, a top state campaign official told the AP.

In addition to sending in a bomb unit to help police and evacuating the area, authorities were also trying to talk to the suspect, Hambrook told the AP.

As a cautionary measure, workers from the nearby campaign offices of fellow presidential candidates Sen. Barack Obama and John Edwards also evacuated their respective spaces, according to reports. A school near Sen. Clinton's campaign office also had to be locked down.

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