Read and Watch: Jail Cell Beatdown Caught on Tape

Read and Watch: Jail Cell Beatdown Caught on Tape

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Oct. 25, 2007 – What caused four jail mates in Lawrence, Mass., to repeatedly stomp another handcuffed prisoner?

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Authorities say they don't know what instigated the fight, but it was all caught on tape.

In the video, you see 23-year-old Warner Fabian cornered by a group of four men inside of a holding cell. The men then start to kick Fabian a number of times before an officer runs into the room and pepper sprays to separate the suspects.

The four suspects are Rafael DeLaCruz, 48, Miguel Sanchez, 28, Joe Burgos, 20, and Francis Mayi, 20. They were originally arrested after an altercation at a baby shower, Lawrence Police Chief John Romero tells WHDH-TV in Boston. 

Fabian was arrested for carrying a machete in public.

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