Miami Police Detective Found Shot to Death in Car | News |

Miami Police Detective Found Shot to Death in Car | News |

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Jan. 8, 2008 – Miami Police are questioning drug dealers, gang members and others to find out what they might know about the shooting death of one of their own.

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Authorities say they found the body of Detective James Walker, 30, in his unmarked car in an alley by North Miami Beach. He was off duty at the time.  A police spokesman says he doesn't know why Walker was in that area, but that Walker's ex-wife lived nearby. His cruiser was so badly riddled with bullet holes that it's being compared to Swiss cheese.

Police are trying to track down at least one gunman and a white Ford Taurus with bullet holes, The Associated Press reports.

"There are blood trails leading in several different directions, so it seems as though Officer Walker isn't the only person shot and or killed," Miami Police Lt. Bill Schwartz told WWSB, ABC 7 in Miami.

Walker's death is the fourth fatal shooting of a South Florida law enforcement officer in the past six months. He was a detective with the Miami Police Department's domestic violence unit and had been with the department about seven years.

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