Read and Watch: Fight Over Man May Have Led To Fatal Street Brawl

Read and Watch: Fight Over Man May Have Led To Fatal Street Brawl

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Nov. 8, 2007 – A street fight involving several women turned deadly Monday when a woman rammed her car into the crowd, killing a 22-year-old woman who was eight months pregnant and injuring two others, one critically.

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The fight, according to Los Angeles Police, jumped off at a Big Lots discount store and spilled onto the street near a gas station.

Unique Bishop, 22, is charged with murdering 21-year-old Shontae Treniece Blanche after visiting the gas station to settle a dispute with another woman over a man they had met there earlier. The two women began fighting in the parking log of the station and, eventually, as many as 30 women joined in, with some trying to break it up.

After the brawl, four women, including Blanche, pictured above, and the other woman involved in the dispute with Bishop, began walking away.

That ticked off Bishop so bad that she plowed her convertible into the group.

"It was totally an intentional act to kill the woman. It was the driver's way of settling the dispute. It was a horrific act," Deputy Police Chief Charlie Beck said Tuesday.

Watch the video to see what happened next.

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