Juice No Longer Loose While Awaiting Court Trial | News | BET.com

Juice No Longer Loose While Awaiting Court Trial | News | BET.com

Published February 11, 2008

UPDATED Jan. 15, 2008 – O.J. Simpson has raised questions about his I.Q. once again, after violating terms of his court restriction, stemming from an alleged armed robbery last fall.

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Simpson is being held in a Nevada jail, having left voicemail asking his bail bondsman to pass a message along to his co-defendant in the case of an alleged hold-up of sports memorabilia collectors. Simpson, Clarence Stewart and several other men allegedly held two collectors at gunpoint last September, demanding the return of collectibles from Simpson's sports career.

A trial date was set, and Simpson faces numerous felony charges, though he apparently did not carry a gun in the incident.

The NFL Hall of Famer is said to have violated a Nevada judge's instructions not to contact any co-defendants in the case when he left this message through his bail bondsman: "I just want, want C.J. (Stewart) to know that the whole thing, all the time he was tellin' me that sh**, ya know, I hope he was telling me the truth. Don't be trying to change the motherf***ing sh** now, motherf***ing a**holes. I'm tired of this sh**. Fed up with motherf***ers changing what they told me. Alright?"

What a mouth on that O.J.!  As if attempting to have the message delivered to Stewart wasn't enough, Miguel Pereira, owner of You Ring, We Spring bail bonds, says O.J. still owes $18,750 on his September bail. Besides that, Pereira says The Juice hasn't reimbursed him for plane tickets, a car rental, or even the $40 bail-filing fee at the jail.

"I haven't received a dime for the work I've done on this case," Pereira says. Seems that he might as well deliver messages, since O.J.'s already using him as a personal assistant.

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