News| Duke Rape Case | Officer Thought Duke Rape Accuser 'Passed Out Drunk'

News| Duke Rape Case | Officer Thought Duke Rape Accuser 'Passed Out Drunk'

Published February 11, 2008

Posted April 14, 2006 – The officer who encountered the woman accuser the night of the alleged rape at Duke University says he thought she “passed out drunk,” according to a police recording.

The tape, obtained by The Associated Press, was recorded around 1:30 a.m., on March 14, just minutes after a security guard at a grocery store said he noticed the woman in somebody’s car in the parking lot.

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When the officer arrived on the scene, the alleged victim, a mother of two who says she works as an exotic dancer to pay her way through neighboring North Carolina Central University, told him that she had been raped by three White members of Duke's lacrosse team.
The officer then called in a code for an intoxicated person to a dispatcher: "She's breathing and appears to be fine,” the officer reported. “She's not in distress. She's just passed-out drunk."

But the medical examination report said nothing about her being drunk.

In fact, the report said the woman's injuries and behavior were consistent with having been raped, sexually assaulted and that she had  apparently suffered a traumatic experience, AP reported.

So far no charges have been filed in the case.

Attorneys for the team said earlier this week that DNA tests failed to connect any of the 46 of the 47 players to the alleged assault and added that the charges should be dropped. The team’s sole Black member was not tested because the accuser said her assailants were White.

Durham’s District Attorney Mike Nifong said this case is not going anywhere and plans to ask a grand jury Monday to issue charges.

If the grand jury decides to move forward with indictments, it would be the first time that names and faces will be attached to the case.

Friday morning, Duke University President Richard Brodhead met with N.C. Central Chancellor James Ammons, Durham Mayor Bill Bell and community leaders to discuss the tension in the community.

"For the last few weeks, Durham has been shaking from allegations," NCCU Chancellor James Ammons said in a joint news conference Friday with Bell and Brodhead. "In times like these, let us remember that justice is served in the courtroom, not in the media, nor at the hands of the individuals."

Ammons noted that Duke and Central would continue to work together to "strengthen the bonds that tie us."

The racially charged allegations led to the resignation of lacrosse coach Mike Pressler after a 16-year career at the university. His resignation followed the suspension of a team member, sophomore Ryan McFayden for writing an e-mail referring to skinning and killing strippers.

So far, McFayden is the only player to be suspended.  Other team members in the case have changed their places of residence for safety reasons, AP reported.

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