News| HIVAIDS | Police Reveal Pro Football Player's HIV Status

News| HIVAIDS | Police Reveal Pro Football Player's HIV Status

Published February 11, 2008

Police reveal that a Canadian Football League player is HIV-positive. Did they cross the line?  Was it necessary?

Posted Nov. 22, 2005 – Police in Canada took an unusual step last week announcing that Canadian Football League player Trevis Smith is HIV-positive.  The Toronto Star reported that police decided to expose the linebacker after he was charged a second time with sexual assault.

Smith, 29, of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, allegedly had unprotected sex with a woman without telling her he was HIV-positive.  The complaint was filed Oct. 29, one day after Smith was charged with aggravated sexual assault in British Columbia, The Canadian Press reported.

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He is scheduled to be tried on the first charge next spring.  Smith denies the accusation and will plead “not guilty,” his lawyer, Paul Harasen, told The Associated Press.

When Smith was freed on bail last month, a judge ordered him to practice safe sex, tell all his future partners that he is HIV-positive and turn over his passport.  He faces similar restrictions in the second case.

Police say they made the disclosure of Smith's condition because a public health warning about his health was necessary.  Did police cross the line?  Click on "Discuss Now" to post your comments.

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