News| Hurricane Katrina | Hurricane Katrina Victim Shot by Police

News| Hurricane Katrina | Hurricane Katrina Victim Shot by Police

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Oct. 11, 2005 – One of the people included in Hurricane Katrina's death toll in New Orleans was shot by police, The Associated Press reports.

Danny Brumfield, 45, was killed by an officer outside the convention center last month, just before the National Guard arrived to evacuate the building. Police told AP that Officer Ronald Mitchell and his partner heard what appeared to be a gunshot, and a man jumped onto the hood of their squad car swinging something shiny.  Police said Brumfield was shot because he appeared to be attacking an officer.

But Brumfield's relatives dispute that. They said a commotion broke out at the convention center and Brumfield jumped into the street, probably to signal for help from police.

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They said an officer hit Brumfield twice with the squad car - a nudge the first time, a harder bump the second. They said the officer shot Brumfield after he leaped onto the hood and, according to his niece, pulled out a pair of shears he was carrying for protection, AP reports.

Capt. Marlon Defillo, a police spokesman, said he had not heard any reports about Brumfield being hit or run over by a car. He said the homicide section is investigating.

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