Autospy Contradicts Police Testimony About Shooting of Disabled Man

Autospy Contradicts Police Testimony About Shooting of Disabled Man

Published February 11, 2008

Posted May 23, 2006 –  Autopsy reports reveal that a disabled man was shot five times in the back by New Orleans Police, contradicting earlier testimony that he was shot once as he reached in his waistband and turned toward officers.

New York pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who examined the body of 40-year-old Ronald Madison said his findings didn’t line-up with police statements.

In fact, the autopsy, obtained by CNN, revealed that none of the bullets entered Madison from the front but that he was shot five different times in the back.  Three of the bullets tore through him and escaped through the front of his body; two others pierced his right shoulder.

"Clearly he was shot from behind," Baden said.

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Madison's older brother, Lance, told reporters that he and Ronald were walking on a bridge o their other brother's dental office when several teenagers ran up behind then and started shooting, CNN reported.

At that point, Lance said he and Ronald made a mad dash to the curve of the bridge when police, responding to a report of the gunshots, rolled up in a rental truck and started shooting at people on the bridge.

"Several of the people were shot and two were killed by our officers in a running gun battle... Most police shoot-outs last somewhere between six and 12 seconds, and it's over with. This was a running gun battle that went on several minutes," Police Superintendent Warren Riley told CNN.

He told CNN that one officer pointed a rifle directly at Ronald and shot him as they were running from the gunfire.

Madison was mentally disabled and lived at home with his mother.  No weapon was found on or near his body, according to CNN.

A prosecutor said the case will go before a grand jury soon and acknowledged the investigation includes the possibility of police wrong-doing.

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