Cafeteria Matron at a Midwest Elementary School Lost Her Gig For Being Too Mean

Cafeteria Matron at a Midwest Elementary School Lost Her Gig For Being Too Mean

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Dec. 27, 2007- Call her the Grinch who stole breakfast.

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Nancy J. Harvey, the lunch associate at Lou Henry Elementary School in De Moines, Iowa, was so mean, according to school records, that when pupils said they were hungry but had no money, she told them they “didn’t deserve to eat” because their mommas were too broke.

It was little acts of unkindness like that that cost Harvey her gig collecting money for meals, which she held for three years.

She was recently fired by the Waterloo School district after being reprimanded and suspended for allegedly grabbing, yelling at and embarrassing students, reports The De Moines Register, citing state records.

On at least two occasions, the paper reported, Harvey made students cry.

And it’s not as if she had to press the kids so hard.

Brian Ortman, the school principal, even established a policy whereas any student without money for a meal could get cereal and milk for breakfast.

He even promised to pay for it out of his own pocket. When a school counselor approached a crying second-grader one day, the pupil said, “The mean lunch lady” wouldn’t give him breakfast, according to records.

The child told the counselor that his mother was "flat broke" and that he was hungry because there wasn't anything to eat at home, the Register reports. The counselor took the youngster back through the line and helped him choose something to eat.

That allegedly caused Harvey to scream at him one more time. Harvey said she was only following instructions not to feed those without any money.

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