Read and Watch: Bishop Weeks Holds News Conference To Counter Wife-Beater Image

Read and Watch: Bishop Weeks Holds News Conference To Counter Wife-Beater Image

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Nov. 26, 2007 - In a long and wide-ranging news conference, Bishop Thomas Weeks III, the pastor accused of brutally beating his high-profile wife, Prophetess Juanita Bynum, painted a picture of a marriage that from the outset was mired in violence, jealously and squabbles over money and ambition.

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 He said she blamed him with sleeping with church staffers, whom he said he had never even hugged, and he revealed that once she kicked off a tantrum so severe that church workers slipped through back doors as she pulled pictures off the wall and vented a barrage of “lies, conjectures and rumors.”

He denied choking, hitting and stomping her in an Atlanta parking lot in late August, the alleged incident that got him arrested and charged with assault and making “terroristic threats” against his wife.

In fact, he told a small gathering of reporters in a conference room at his Duluth, Ga., church, she was the violent one in the relationship.

He recalled an occasion when she allegedly choked him in a limousine, another when she allegedly hit him and forced him out of the house with his jeans on and his shirt in his hand.

Oh, he said, and he can’t forget the time in Barbados when witnesses saw her throw orange juice in his face.

“Everything will come out in court,” he repeated throughout the news conference.

He described a recent cover story that appears in the current edition of Essence magazine as “90 percent” lies.

She is part of a “serious plot to destroy everything I was apart of,” he said, adding that the article, which features part two next month, was “crafted to make me look like a villain.”

On Sunday, Bynum responded to Weeks’ charges in a statement through her publicist.

"Bishop Weeks is doing exactly what he promised he would do and that is, try to destroy my name with lies, fabrications and exaggerations," the pastor said.

"His behavior is to be expected."

 Check out the video and then weigh in on who you think is telling the truth.

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