O.J.'s Behind Bars Over Memorabilia Spat

O.J.'s Behind Bars Over Memorabilia Spat

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Sept. 17, 2007 –  O.J. Simpson was arrested and held without bail Sunday, in connection with an incident last week when he showed up at the Las Vegas hotel room of a memorabilia collector and allegedly took items connected with his sports career at gunpoint.

One of two men, who first claimed they were robbed by ex-football star O.J. Simpson last week, wants the charges dropped.

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Simpson, who became the world’s most famous accused murderer when his wife and her friend were killed in 1994, and three to four men reportedly came to the collector’s room with him, one allegedly carrying a gun.

The collectors, Bruce Fromong and Alfred Beardsley, initially said the ex-football star left the hotel with autographed documents, a football and other things. But Beardsley now says, “I want this thing to go away,” and that he only called cops because he didn’t want to be held personally responsible for the valuables.

The California man says he’s not interested in flying back and forth to Vegas to testify against Simpson.

For his part, O.J. says the items were originally stolen from him – even though he and the other collector, Fromong, had been friends – and he went back to retrieve them to keep for his children and grandchildren.

And why didn’t Simpson… oh… perhaps… call the cops?

“The police, since my trouble, have not worked out for me. It just becomes another O.J. story,” he says.

This time around, the story could be a conviction for armed robbery. Police say they still have to investigate the incident, and that Fromong has not expressed interest in dropping the charges.  

Another suspect was arrested in the incident the night before Simpson was taken into custody. Before Simpson’s arrest, he quipped, “I thought what happened in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.” And, yes, he really said that.

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