Marine Corps Gets a Few More Good Men – Black Men

Marine Corps Gets a Few More Good Men – Black Men

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Oct. 30, 2007 – Black parents, preachers and education leaders might be telling Black folks to stay away from the military – and thus keep away from President Bush’s war in Iraq – but apparently they’re not listening.

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Or maybe the real explanation for the 40-percent jump in Black Marine Corps recruits over the past year is the aggressive marketing campaign specifically targeting African-American youths.

The rise halts a seven-year decline in Black enlistment.

In fact, last year, Blacks represented the smallest recruit class in the 33 years since the draft was eliminated. The Corps must be elated about the reversal. It recently announced a lofty goal to grow its active force by 27,000 over the next half-decade as the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan show no end in sight.

 Since the war was launched in Iraq four years ago, 969 Marines have died. Of those, 39 were Black and 139 were Hispanic.

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