Read and Watch: Missing Pregnant Ohio Woman Found Alive in Georgia

Read and Watch: Missing Pregnant Ohio Woman Found Alive in Georgia

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Dec. 10, 2007 – A Black pregnant Ohio woman, who recently turned up in Georgia saying she was kidnapped, recently recanted her story, according to the Today Show on NBC.

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When the woman, Karyn McConnell Hancock, was found this weekend, she told Cobb County, Ga. police she was abducted by two men and a woman at gunpoint, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

But she reportedly changed her story after being interviewed for hours by Ohio police. No further details are what she said are available.

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Hancock, a 35-year-old lawyer was last seen Wednesday outside of an Ohio court building reports ABC News.

Her husband, Bishop Larwrence Hancock, alerted police on Wednesday when Hancock did not pick up their 3-year-old son and her cell phone was turned off, according to police.

Hancock originally told police that after the suspects dumped her out of a vehicle in Austell, Ga., she found her way to an area behind the Six Flags Over Georgia amusement park Saturday morning, reports ABC News.

She then got the attention of a motorist who called the police at 6:45 a.m.

The motorist told police that Hancock appeared disoriented but was otherwise in good health, Toledo Police spokeswoman, Capt. Diana Ruiz-Krause said.

Authorities found Hancock’s car, a 2005 black Chrysler 300, in walking distance from park later that day, reports ABC News.

Information about her alleged abductors, the vehicle she was in and where she actually was during her abduction were still sketchy, according to police.

What police confirmed, however, is that Hancock called her husband last Thursday afternoon, saying that she had been kidnapped, reports ABC News.

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Before her admission, her father, C. Allen McConnell, a Toledo Municipal Court judge, told Toledo police he had been getting mysterious calls recently and that his daughter’s alleged captors might have been trying to get at him.

“I think it was over something that happened before I became a judge,” he said, but would not give any more details, reports the newspaper.

In spite of the haziness surrounding the situation, friends and family were thankful when they found out Hancock was found safe.

“My little grandson was just very excited that his mom’s coming home,” Tempie McConnell, Hancock’s mother, told ABC News.

Hancock flew back home to Ohio Saturday.

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