O.J.’s Accuser Wants Hall of Famer Free

O.J.’s Accuser Wants Hall of Famer Free

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Jan. 16, 2008- A sports memorabilia collector, who prosecutors say that football legend O.J. Simpson robbed at gunpoint in Vegas last year, says The Juice has no business in custody.

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The DA has charged Simpson with multiple felony counts, stemming from an alleged armed robbery and what prosecutors call a kidnapping, when the man accused of killing his ex-wife allegedly led a group of men in seizing valuables from his sports career.

Collector Alfred Beardsley says Simpson's behavior in a Las Vegas hotel room wasn't "that bad." Beardsley says Simpson carried no gun and kept a calm demeanor.

“Simpson knew nothing about guns,” Beardsley said Tuesday.

He also says that he talked to Simpson the day after the confrontation in the hotel room and “everything was resolved…. The next day, he was arrested. I feel terrible about the whole thing. The charges are all bizarre …. I’ve had problems with the case from the beginning. It’s a big mess, and I wish the whole case would go away.”

Meanwhile, a lawyer for O.J., who was taken into custody several days ago for allegedly violating terms of his bail agreement, says his client did not violate the judge’s orders to not contact the co-defendants in the case.

Simpson is in a Nevada lock-up after allegedly leaving a message for his bail bondsman and asking that word be delivered to a co-defendant, warning him not to change his story about what occurred in Vegas.

Gabriel Grasso's three-page filing late Tuesday urged a judge to reject Clark County District Attorney David Roger's effort to have Simpson held until his April 7 trial.

Clark County District Court Judge Jackie Glass was to hear arguments on the request today. Simpson's expected to appear.

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