News| O.J. Simpson | Simpson's Book Coming to Stores Afterall

News| O.J. Simpson | Simpson's Book Coming to Stores Afterall

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Aug. 27, 2007 – If you want a copy of O.J.'s new book, "If I Did It," you just may have a hard time finding it. 

Booksellers don't seem to be jumping to stock their shelves with it. 

In fact, Barnes and Noble says you won't be able to find copies in their stores, but those interested in purchasing can buy online. A spokeswoman says the chain's buyers don't think there will be enough demand to carry the book. 

But contrary to the store's belief, the book has jumped into the top 50 on the superstore's online site, Barnes &, and ranked No. 48 as of Sunday night.

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The book, which is a ghostwritten, hypothetical description of how the killings might have happened, was first scheduled to be published last November, but was dropped in response to public outrage, including Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.

It's surfacing again because a judge awarded rights to the book to the family of Ron Goldman, a move to help satisfy a $38 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson.

The family is releasing the book with a small publishing house, and branding it as Simpson's confession.

Since the book reportedly caused public outrage the first time it was scheduled to be released, should the Goldmans be allowed to release the book to help satisfy a wrongful-death judgment against Simpson?  Click “Discuss Now” to post your comment.

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