Black Student Says Guard Broke Her Arm for Spilling Cake Crumbs

Black Student Says Guard Broke Her Arm for Spilling Cake Crumbs

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Oct. 2, 2007 – The mother of a 16-year-old Los Angeles-area high school student says her daughter was assaulted by a security guard who broke her wrist for spilling cake crumbs on the floor at lunchtime.

The incident, which occurred last week at Knight High School in Palmdale, Calif., was caught on a cell phone camera by another student who was then also assaulted by the security guards and suspended from school, the parents say.


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The girl whose arm was allegedly broken by the guards, Pleajhai Mervin, told Fox News LA that she was bumped in the lunch room and dropped her cake. She said she was ordered to clean it up, which she did, then to re-clean the spot three separate times.

Embarrassed, Pleajhai said she attempted to leave but was jumped on by burly White security guards who twisted her arm and bent her across a table, breaking her wrist in the process. She says the officer called her “nappy-headed” and told her to “hold still” as he roughed her up.

The incident didn’t end there.


The security guards later had the mother of the girl arrested after she hired an attorney and insisted that the guard be arrested. The mother says she was told that she was being arrested and charged with battery for allegedly pushing the guard and an assistant principal. She was then suspended from her job at another school in the county.

Pleajhai was suspended for five days and arrested for battery and for littering for spilling the crumbs.

The student who captured the video on her cell phone was also arrested, along with his sister who was present at the scene.

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