Clintons Team Up In Obama Attack | News |

Clintons Team Up In Obama Attack | News |

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Jan. 10, 2008 – New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, who’s in a fight for her political life against her Illinois colleague, Sen. Barack Obama, has gotten a bit more aggressive in her attacks on her young rival.

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"Today Senator Obama used President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to criticize me," she said, according to an ABC News report. "Basically he compared himself to two of our greatest heroes saying, 'Well, they gave great speeches.' President Kennedy was in the Congress for 14 years. He was a war hero. He was a man of great accomplishments and readiness to be president. Dr Martin Luther King Jr. led a movement. He was gassed; he was beaten; he was jailed. And he gave a speech that was one of the most beautiful, profoundly important ever delivered in America . …And then he worked with President Johnson to get the civil rights laws passed because the dream couldn't be realize until finally it was legally permissible for people from all colors and backgrounds and races and ethnicities to be accepted as citizens."

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton’s onetime Democratic adviser, Donna Brazile, described attacks against Obama by the former president as downright racially offensive. She was referring to Bill Clinton’s tirade following his wife’s loss to Obama in Iowa when he labeled Obama a “kid," and described Obama's views as a "fairytale."

Said Brazile: “I can understand his frustration at this moment, but, look, he shouldn't take out all his pain on Barack Obama. It sounds like sour grapes coming from the former Commander-in-Chief, someone that many Democrats hold in high esteem. For him to go after Obama using ‘fairy tale,’ calling him a ‘kid,’ as he did last week, it's an insult. And I tell you, as an African-American, I find his words and his tone to be very depressing.”

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