News| Politics | Cynthia McKinney, This May Be Your Chance

News| Politics | Cynthia McKinney, This May Be Your Chance

Published February 11, 2008

Posted June 7, 2006 -- Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) could be close to reaching a deal that would avoid a nasty spectacle of an indictment and trial stemming from her alleged attack of a Capitol Hill Police officer.   

“Much ado about a hair do,” is how McKinney framed the incident in media interviews following the confrontation with a police officer at the entrance of the Capitol on March 29.

It all started when the officer didn’t recognize the congresswoman (possibly because of her new hair do and the fact that she wasn’t wearing her identification lapel pin).   The officer stopped her from entering and McKinney allegedly hit the officer with her cell phone and proceeded through the check point.  McKinney claimed her response was self-defense. A spokesman for the Capitol Hill Police says the officer acted appropriately and stood by his actions. 

The investigation has been lingering. If there is a way to make it go away, because federal prosecutors are willing to resolve the case, I hope McKinney’s lawyers take them up on the offer.

 It took little more than a week, and a lot of pressure from her Democratic colleagues in Congress, to get McKinney to apologize for her actions on the House floor.  If members of the Congressional Black Caucus have any influence, I hope they use it to get her to bow out gracefully.  

If for no other reason, McKinney should understand Black folks need her attention and the media on real issues, like gas prices, jobs, the War in Iraq and mid-term elections. I think she’ll agree.

Should she fight the charges in court to clear her name or bow out now?

Written by BET-Staff


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