News| Politics | Black Ministers Demand Apology From Gubernatorial Candidate

News| Politics | Black Ministers Demand Apology From Gubernatorial Candidate

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Sept. 27, 2005 – Black Ministers are demanding an apology from New Jersey’s Republican candidate for governor for implying their support was bought.

Republican businessman Doug R. Forrester said that the only reason Black clergy endorsed Democrat Sen. Jon Corzine is because of his "generosity" to Black churches, The Associated Press repored.

"I don't know which particular ministers will be casting their lot with Sen. Corzine and don't know what individual relationships they may have in terms of financial ones with the Corzine campaign," Forrester said before the ministers announced their support of Corzine.

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Both Corzine and Forrester addressed the Black Ministers' Council of New Jersey earlier in the month. Though the group does not make endorsements, 15 ministers who belong to the group came to the Statehouse Monday to stand with Corzine and give individual testimonials on his behalf.

Corzine gave $700,000 to Calvary Baptist Church in Garfield, N.J., to build a new church and donations to other Black churches, according to published reports.

Calvary’s Rev. Calvin McKinney said he was endorsing Corzine for his stance on the issues and vision for New Jersey, not because of the donation to his church, AP reports.
Corzine said he made the donation to Calvary Baptist in 2003, before he contemplated a gubernatorial run.

"The goal of what I have done with my charitable contributions is the same as it is in my public life: to try and make the world a little bit better," Corzine said.

Forrester has made one donation of more than $1,000 to a Black church, said his spokeswoman, Sherry Sylvester.

Blacks make up about 11 percent of the New Jersey electorate.

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