Could a Black Person Have Been Behind Lynching Flyers?

Could a Black Person Have Been Behind Lynching Flyers?

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Oct. 24, 2007 A week after a guard at a Palmdale, Calif., high school was cleared of any wrongdoing for the way he handled a Black girl who spilled crumbs on the cafeteria floor, leaflets, purportedly signed by the KKK, were passed out in a local neighborhood showing nooses around the necks of the Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

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Could a Black person have been behind flyers?

Most of our users say “absolutely not.”

But Christopher Keeling, a hate-crimes investigator Christopher for the FBI, told a newspaper that the perpetrators could have been White or Black.

So, who was responsible? writes, “I don’t believe that another Black person would do such a thing. If I actually [saw] a Black person do it with my own eyes I would be convinced that it was somebody White in Black makeup or a mask … . After all that we have been through as a people, it wouldn’t make [sense] for a Black activist to pass out the flyers to stir things up; that doesn’t make since either.”

Dimples agrees. “I also don’t think a Black person would pass out these flyers because any Black person who knows and understands their history wouldn’t participate in doing something that would mock who and where we are today.”

One user thinks that whoever did it was looking for trouble.

“I think it could more likely be yet another prank, done by some racially insensitive individual looking for attention or just to stir up trouble for the purpose of sitting back and laughing at it. Either way, it’s childish, and pointless,” writes Bring em out, Bring em out.

And there were many readers who believe that the color of the person behind the flyers does not matter.
April writes, “I’m not sure who is responsible for doing such a thing. I am sure, however, that the responsible party is cowardly and seeks attention.”

“Maybe a Black person did it, and maybe not. I certainly hope not. Either way, we need to WAKE UP, not with our fists, but with our minds,” blogger Tresa writes.

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