Users React to T.I.'s Arrest Users React to T.I.'s Arrest

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Oct. 16, 2007 – Despite his recent arrest on gun charges, T.I. is still getting a lot of love from most of our bloggers, while some didn’t show much sympathy for the southern king of hip hop.

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On Saturday, T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, was taken into custody just hours before he was to take the stage at BET's second Annual Hip-Hop Awards. The 27-year-old rap star is charged with giving his bodyguard cash to buy firearms.


In response, many of his supporters said the rapper’s real fans should have his back now more than ever.

“We all make mistakes. TIP just got caught. I love TIP. I support him. Real fans will understand that. I don’t think his image as a man or artist will be tainted or destroyed. …In the end TIP will land back on his feet,” user Alexus wrote.

On the flip, some users don’t think T.I. deserves our support.

“I am tired of hearing ‘lets support him.’ T.I. is not a kid. He knows exactly what he’s doing. If T.I. could use the gun, it is definitely going to be used on another Black brother. If he is guilty, let him face the justice,” slimjoe wrote.

Many fans also warned against being too quick to judge.

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“I feel that there are two sides to this story. …I feel judging him for this would be wrong right from the start without knowing his intentions or the full story. Nobody’s perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.” BET.comer Lexi aka MiiSZ TiP Ti Harris wrote.

“Well, I still support T.I. He’s still a talented rapper and everybody makes mistakes in life; nobody is perfect…,” Bre wrote.

Other fans, though, had a different take.

“I really cannot believe that he would do something that stupid. …As a fan, I feel that he has let me down because he was the voice of the young people,” B-Nice wrote.

And Camille wrote, “Why did T.I. do this? What was he thinking? If he’s convicted his celebrity life is over. He’s in my top five, and I may take him out for [this] stupid thing he did.”
Many users thought T.I.’s troubles should be a wake-up call to all young Black rappers and young Black men period.

“…[T]hese men are from the hood. …There is not anyone being the example and for some reason when they attain a certain level of money they purchase bling, cars and clothes. They need to be getting some knowledge, going to school, taking some classes…” user chocolateciti45 wrote.

“I feel its time for our Black men to realize that being young Black and rich makes them an even better target for the system. It’s time to wise up – African Americans under the scope of being famous” are not exempt, Amari Lene wrote.

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