Students Expelled for Kissing on School Bus | News |

Students Expelled for Kissing on School Bus | News |

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Jan. 30, 2008 – Two South Carolina high school sweethearts who were kissing on the bus have been kicked out of school for what officials say was "sexual misconduct."

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Dominique Goyner and his girlfriend, whose name has not been released, have been expelled for the rest of the school year.

Richland School District Two spokeswoman Theresa Riley told that  the facts of this case have been "grossly misrepresented."

"While we cannot discuss the details of the discipline matter, we do want to state that we [the school district] disagree with the statement that the student was expelled for “kissing his girlfriend,” said Riley.  “We are surprised that this was taken to the media, given the fact that the incident is on tape.”

Riley, who wouldn't comment on what the students were doing, said that a simple kiss would not constitute sexual misconduct and "thus not lead to a student's explusion," noting that the incident, which was caught on tape, tells the story.  

Goyner, an honor student who hopes to attend the military academy after graduation, says he knew he was breaking a rule, but was shocked by the response from school officials.

"It hurt me deeply. It really did," he told Columbia TV station WOLO.  "I was shocked at what happened because I didn't think it would go this far to the point that I would be expelled."

The families of both teens, who believe the expulsions were way too much, say they plan to meet the school board in court.

Riley's response: "The facts speak for themselves; we have the facts and if this is pursued in court we stand firm in the decisions that have been made."
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