Rev. Al: Racially Speaking, New York is Worse Than Louisiana

Rev. Al: Racially Speaking, New York is Worse Than Louisiana

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Oct. 22, 2007— When it comes to racism, New York Jena, La., has got nothing on Staten Island, N.Y., says the Rev. Al Sharpton.


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Sharpton, currently the star of several lynching flyers in California, made the claim in response to a decision by the Staten Island district attorney not to charge the Whites who beat a Black man while screaming racial slurs at him, with a hate crime.


Skylar McCormick, 20, was beaten by Daniel Avissato, 24, and Mark Maleto, 21 (both White) after he sat on the hood of parked Cadillac last Tuesday, police said.


Minutes later, the owner of the car, along with four other White suspects, spotted McCormick three blocks away and confronted him, reports The Associated Press.


That’s when, according to witnesses, the car owner attacked McCormick, according to reports.


McCormick’s attackers broke his jaw; they did not harm the three White friends who were with him. 


But District Attorney Daniel Donovan has refused to charge the two defendants with a hate crime.


Donovan says he is charging them only with a gang assault because he can’t prove the beating was racially motivated.


New York is becoming worse than Louisiana," Sharpton said.


"We're going to Staten Island, Jena [La.], Washington – and we're going to bring out numbers like you've never seen before. If using 'ni**er' and only beating the Black out of three people isn't a hate crime, then what is a hate crime?"


“Enough is enough. We’ve got to stop hate in this town,” Sharpton said. “We’re not fighting conservatives. We’re fighting Confederates,” he said.


Should the defendants be charged with a hate crime? Click ‘Discuss Now’ to talk about it.

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