Knicks Coach Found Guilty of Sexual Harassment

Knicks Coach Found Guilty of Sexual Harassment

Published February 11, 2008

UPDATED Oct. 3, 2007 – A jury Tuesday found New York Knicks Coach Isiah Thomas guilty of sexually harassing a 44-year-old team executive and decided his bosses at Madison Square Garden will have to pay her $11.6 million –  more than what she was asking for in her suit.

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Anucha Browne-Sanders sued Thomas and Madison Square Garden, which owns the Knicks, for $10 million after being fired from her $260,000 a year job in 2006.  She accused Thomas of insulting her with such slurs as the "B"-word and contended that the former all-star player repeatedly tried to push up on her. 

"The breaking point for me was when I had been complaining for a year and a half. When I realized what was happening to the women around me, I said 'this is ridiculous,' that was the breaking point," Browne Sanders told "Good Morning America's" Robin Roberts.

Browne-Sanders has asked for an additional $9.6 million in compensatory damages, which the judge will rule on in coming weeks.  At a news conference Tuesday she said, "What I did here today is for every working woman in America... .It's for every man who acts like a professional...and for the women who didn't have the means to do what I did."

Shocked by the jury's verdict, Thomas told reporters he didn't do any of the things that Browne-Sanders accused of him of doing.

"I'm extremely disappointed.  It's clear that the jury didn't see the facts in this case," he said, adding that he is "very innocent" and remains confident in the man that he is, what he stands for and the family that he has.

While Thomas won't have to come out of his own pocket with any of the cash awarded to Browne-Sanders, he and Madison Square Garden plan to appeal the verdict.

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