News| Sports | Va. Tech QB Charged with Pulling Gun on Teens

News| Sports | Va. Tech QB Charged with Pulling Gun on Teens

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Jan. 10, 2006 – Just two days after announcing he was going pro, former Virginia Tech quarterback Marcus Vick, the younger brother of Atlanta Falcons star quarterback Michael, was arrested and charged Monday with pulling a gun on three teens in a restaurant parking lot, ESPN reported.

Police said the mother of one of the teens called them and said Vick pointed a gun at her son and two others during an argument  in the parking lot of a McDonald's in Suffolk, Va., about 25 miles from Norfolk, The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

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Vick, 21, surrendered at the magistrate's office in Suffolk Monday after three warrants were issued for his arrest.  He was charged with three misdemeanor counts of brandishing a firearm and was released on $10,000 bond.

If convicted of all three counts, Vick could face three years in jail and a $7,500 fine, police said.

Just last week, Vick got the boot from the Hokies football team after he was caught on tape stomping a player's leg during the Gator Bowl. Vick said it was an accident, ESPN reported.

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