Olympic Committee to Jones' Teammates: Give Up the Gold!

Olympic Committee to Jones' Teammates: Give Up the Gold!

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Oct. 10, 2007 – Marion Jones' former relay teammates are being asked to do the very thing she did earlier this week – give up their medals.

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Because of Jones' decision to use performance-enhancing drugs, the U.S. Olympic Committee says Chryste Gaines, Torri Edwards, Nanceen Perry and Passion Richardson in the 4 x 100 and Jearl Miles-Clark, LaTasha Colander-Richardson, Andrea Anderson and Monique Hennagan in the 4 x 400, should hand over relay medals from the 2000 Sydney Summer games.

But not everyone agrees with the committee's request.

Richardson, in an interview with CNN Wednesday, said she worked hard and chased her Olympic dream for 16 years and she shouldn't have to pay for Jones' poor decision.

"I rightfully won,"  the 32-year-old Richardson said. "And I'm not going to voluntarily give it back," adding that she feels betrayed by Jones because her character now comes into question and people may feel she's "dirty" too.

Jones already has given back the five medals she won at the Sydney Olympics following her admission Monday that she used performance-enhancing drugs, and she also agreed to forfeit all results, medals and prizes dating back to Sept. 1, 2000. 

Last Thursday, the 31-year-old former track queen admitted to friends and family in a letter to using steroids starting in 1999, a claim she had denied -- even under oath during testimony to doping investigators.

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