Roy Jones Jr. Claims Dog-Fighting Contests Are In His Past

Roy Jones Jr. Claims Dog-Fighting Contests Are In His Past

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Jan. 7, 2007 – Boxer Roy Jones Jr. is said to be upset about news reports quoting him as a dogfighter.

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The New York Daily News reported on its Web site that Jones said of his pit bulls: "I was (letting them fight) to a degree, but not like that serious. I just let my dogs get down five, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. Maybe like the longest I let them go was a half-hour, but I never let them fight to the death 'cause I can't take that."

Now the boxer says his dogfighting was a thing of his youth, and that he didn't mean to suggest he lets his dogs "get down" presently, which is illegal in Florida where he lives. "I did that when I was a kid," he tells TV station WEAR. "I had one dog and I did that then before I knew any better. I told (the Daily News reporter) that."

But Jones has either had too many blows to the head, or somebody's just plain lying, because Robert Cassidy of Newsday says Jones’ 2007 quote went like this: "They make it such a bad thing, like dog fighting is worse than killing someone. I'm not a dog fighter. I've never been to a dog fight." Jones apparently made no reference to dogfighting as "a kid" in the earlier quote, which was in support of now-convicted dogfighter Michael Vick.

Reportedly, the boxer, who faces Felix Trinidad in the ring this month, was so upset about the Daily News article that he contacted legal counsel – which may have been his smartest move yet.

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