Being Too Light Could Get You Hunted and Killed in One East African Nation

Being Too Light Could Get You Hunted and Killed in One East African Nation

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Dec. 18, 2007 – Albinos in the east African nation of Tanzania say that their government is failing to act as they are being killed amid rampant superstitions.

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The Albino Society reports at least four albino deaths in the past three months, sparked by rumors that the condition is a result of a curse put on the family, the BBC News reports.

Adding to the horror of such beliefs is the claim of some witch-doctors that they can use albino body parts to make people rich. In the northern town of Arusha, the BBC reports, a teacher has been arrested for killing his own albino child.

In addition to the four killings, the news agency says, the exhumed body of one albino was found with the limbs cut off.

Some Tanzanians see albinos as ghost-like creatures.

As fear in the albino community escalates, the Society’s Christopher Dadenekeye is demanding that the witch-doctors be arrested. "We need to clear out all these beliefs," Mr Dadenekeye told the BBC. Old women with red eyes have been killed in parts of Tanzania in the past, after being accused of witchcraft, but this reportedly is the first time that albinos have been targeted in ritual killings, BBC says.

 There are some 270,000 albinos among Tanzania's population of some 35 million.

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