Read and Watch: Is It Ever OK to Call a Woman a B***ch?

Read and Watch: Is It Ever OK to Call a Woman a B***ch?

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Nov. 5, 2007 – Is it ever OK to call a woman a “B**ch?"

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“B**ch” has a few common and uncommon meanings.  The term most accurately describes a female dog. In contemporary, more controversial lexicon, however, it has been expanded to include women who are malicious or treacherous. But, in an even more sexist extension of the word, it is commonly used to label a woman who merely believes in going after what she wants, no matter who or what stands in her way. A man of similar ilk is usually just referred to as “ambitious.”

But in much the same way that many brothers have turned the infamous “N”-word into an endearing term when referring to one another, many sistas have been doing the same for some — even stretching the negative moniker into a livelier, non-venomous  “beeyotch,” as they shout out to one another.

There’s a lot of discussion going on about the word "b**ch" these days. When (if ever) is it OK to refer to a woman as a b**ch?  Is it endearing or an insult?

BET's "Samson the Official Street Cat" hit the streets to see what the sistas are saying.  Watch the video, and have your say.

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