News| The Gay Life | Gay Bar Attack Suspect Shot and Killed by Police

News| The Gay Life | Gay Bar Attack Suspect Shot and Killed by Police

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Feb. 6, 2006 – After three days on the run, the 18-year-old man suspected of sneaking into a gay bar last week and attacking patrons, then killing two people in Arkansas, was shot to death in a gun battle Saturday with police, authorities said.

Jacob Robida, a high school dropout who his friends say got mixed up in Nazism, walked into Puzzles Lounge Thursday in New Bedford, Mass., and attacked three men, injuring one critically, The Associated Press reported. 

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After a day of lying low, Robida got in his car and drove to Charleston, W. Va. to pick up his 33-year-old girlfriend, Jennifer Rena Bailey.  From there, the two traveled about 1,500 miles when a part-time Arkansas trooper pulled them over in front of the Brass Door Motel for a traffic violation, police told an Associated Press reporter.

That's when the gunfire erupted.

The Gun Battle

There were three shots, according the motel manager, and when the gun smoke cleared, Maryann Hoyee said she saw the officer on the ground with blood spurting from his neck.  She said she realized he was beyond help as she watched Robida speed off. He returned and circled the motel, CNN reported.

"What he was doing was retrieving his gun. He had dropped it at the side of the officer," Hoyne said. "He jumped out of the car, picked up the gun, got back in his car and sped off."

But what he didn't know is police were waiting for him down the road.

A Surprise Down the Road

Just 20 miles away, police had set up a roadblock in downtown Norfork with spike strips to blow out his tires, but that didn't stop Robida.  He kept on going, driving on bare metal rims, authorities said.  Police pursued Robida through the Arkansas hills at speeds in excess of 90 miles per hour before he slammed into several parked cars, AP reported.

"When he wrecked he started firing at our officer and a state police officer, and the officers returned fire," said Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery.

Police shot Robida two times in the head, Bristol, Mass., District Attorney Paul Walsh Jr., said.

His girlfriend was found dead in the car.  Walsh said Robida killed her, but State Police spokesman Bill Sadler said ballistics tests would be needed to confirm how she died.

Robida's neighbors said he didn't like Blacks or gay people and decorated his room with swastikas, CNN reported.

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