'Pull Your Pants Up' or You'll Be Called a 'Fag' in One City

'Pull Your Pants Up' or You'll Be Called a 'Fag' in One City

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Oct. 31, 2007 – Pull up your britches or you'll be called a "fag" in Dallas.  

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The Dallas mayor's office, the city's fashion police and a gospel rapper have launched a campaign that they're hoping will catch on nationwide, letting young Black men know that exposing their butts is not manly.

The campaign, which was the brainchild of Dallas Deputy Mayor Dwaine Caraway, tells BET.com that putting a stop to the bare-your-britches fashion has been on his radar for a while.

“It's disrespect that has been brought about in Dallas and across the county," Caraway said, noting that he  had just seen an elderly woman walk into a pharmacy while a "young thug" was showing his "filthy britches."

"It's a major problem. Who is going to hire them," he asked. "Is BET going to hire them?  Is the bank going to hire them?  Is McDonald's going to hire them?   'No!'”

Caraway told BET.com that he wasn't going to point the finger of blame at any particular group for the “tired” fashion, because these days, even parents are saggin’.

"This is not just a teenage problem. There are people sagging ... in their 30s. Where's your mind? You're not a teenager," said Caraway.

So how does a city government go about getting young Black men to rethink their fashion decisions? 

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Gospel rapper Dooney Da' Priest, who's responsible for the campaign signature song, "Pull Your Pants Up," tells BET.com that you link saggin' to being gay.


Dooney, who also owns a barbershop, says he cuts the hair of a lot of brothas coming out of prison, and while saggin’ started in prison (because inmates aren't given belts with their baggy uniforms to prevent hangings), the ex-cons tell him that its new meaning is associated with being a fag.

"You're letting another man know that you're available," said Dooney, adding that
"saggin" spelled backwards also means "niggas."  "It's not a cool fad."

Many other cities and communities across the nation, including Atlanta, Arkansas, Cleveland, Trenton, N.J., and Shreveport, La., have launched crackdowns against saggin', but Dallas is the first to use homophobia as its sale’s pitch.

Caraway says Clear Channel donated billboard space around Dallas, and Dooney designed a billboard, pictured above, that features him standing in front of downtown Dallas.

"The No. 1 mission is very simple: pulling up your pants. That's all we want... and so far, the campaign has been successful," Caraway says.

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