Video Shows Fatal Shooting at Traffic Stop

Video Shows Fatal Shooting at Traffic Stop

Published February 11, 2008

Posted Oct. 10, 2007 – It appears that a 30-year-old Georgia man, who was shot dead by police during a traffic stop, was actually reaching for his ID and not a weapon. Tyciris Jordan was shot seconds after getting out of his car, pulling his right hand from his pocket and raising it toward a Cobb County Police officer, according to a newly released police video.

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The officer who fired the shot, William Wise, can be heard on the video ordering Jordan to show his hands. Wise also tells Jordan to remain in the car, and when Jordan gets out, the officer tells him to lie on the ground. Just a few feet away from the officer in broad daylight, Jordan eventually takes his right hand from his pants pocket and holds it toward the officer. The next thing you can hear on the blurry video is three shots; then Jordan crumples to the ground.

PLAY VIDEO: You may find this video disturbing.

He was not armed; officers who arrived at the scene after Jordan lay dead, said there was a photo ID on the ground next to Jordan's sport utility vehicle.

Was this an accident or an example of police abuse?  Watch the video to see what authorities had to say, why the Jordan family attorney is disputing police’s account, and have your say by clicking "Discuss Now."

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