C. Vivian Stringer

C. Vivian Stringer

Published February 11, 2008

As the first coach in men’s or women’s basketball to take three different schools to the Final Four (Cheyney University in 1982, The University of Iowa in 1993 and Rutgers State University of New Jersey, in 2000 and again in 2007), C. Vivian Stringer is the third winningest coach in women's basketball history, behind only Tennessee's Pat Summitt and former Texas coach Jody Conradt.

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When her Rutger's Women's Basketball team could have been sidelined by racist remarks by shock jock Don Imus' earlier this year, Stringer coached stronger and harder and her team members showed up winners.

She and her team members stood tall, proud and dignified throughout the ordeal.

Stringer accepted Imus' apology for his "nappy-headed hos" remarks and said the radio host deserves a chance to move on but hopes the furor his insult caused will be a catalyst for change.

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