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7-Year-Old Makes Slow Recovery After Taking Six Bullets | News |

7-Year-Old Makes Slow Recovery After Taking Six Bullets | News |

Published February 22, 2008

Posted Feb. 21, 2008 – The 7-year-old Detroit girl who took six bullets for her mommy is making a slow recovery.

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After six surgeries and spending two months in the hospital, Alexis Goggins is now recovering at home and undergoing physical therapy twice a week.  According to her doctors, she has to learn hand-and-eye coordination all over again, The Associated Press reports.

Little Alexis bears several scars from the shooting that blinded her in her right eye and was removed.  Alexis has been fitted for a prosthetic eye, which she could receive at the end of the month.

"Our life has been flipped upside down. But remarkably Alexis still has the same great spirit," her mother Seliethia Parker, 32, said Wednesday. "She's my angel."

On Dec. 2, Parker and Alexis were in a friend's SUV when 29-year-old Calvin Tillie, who allegedly had been hiding in the bushes, jumped into the vehicle and forced Parker's friend to drive at gunpoint for several minutes.

The friend, Aisha Ford, convinced Tillie that she needed to stop for gas. Once inside the gas station, Ford called 911.

Inside the SUV, Parker pleaded with the gunman not to shoot. As he was about to open fire, Alexis cried, "Don't hurt my mother!" and jumped into her mother's arms from the back seat.

Ford said she heard shots being fired inside the car. Despite Alexis's efforts, Parker was shot twice. Parker has said that if her daughter had not put herself in between she might have been killed.

Calvin Tillie, a former convict on parole, is charged with two counts of assault with intent to commit murder, along with other offenses.

Tillie, who Parker met last year, was apparently angry that she had called off the relationship after three months.

"He was harassing me," she said. "He would constantly call my house, popping up in the middle of the night."

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