White Students Trick Black S. Africans to Eat Stew With Urine | News | BET.com

White Students Trick Black S. Africans to Eat Stew With Urine | News | BET.com

Published February 28, 2008

Posted Feb. 28, 2008 –  White students at South Africa ’s University of Free State are now facing criminal charges after a disturbing video showing the abuse of several Black university employees surfaced.


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The video, reportedly made to protest the integration of residence halls, shows the White students telling five Black elderly workers to drink full bottles of beer, reports the BBC. Then they were led to a field and told to show their athletic skills.

Finally, in the most disturbing portion of the film, a White male urinates on food then shouted “Take! Take!” in Afrikaans seemingly forcing the Black workers to consume the urinated on food, which caused them to vomit.

The Whites involved are current or former students at the university. The schools rector, Frederick Fourie told the BBC he was very upset about this incident.

“We are having a management meeting. And there’s a strong condemnation of this from everybody concerned,” he said.

The university will suspend students allegedly in the video and the victims will receive counseling, according to the school. Wednesday hundreds of Black students and workers at the University of Free State gave the school a list of demands.

“We are saying that all these issues must be brought forward so that all the people of South Africa can see that racism is still a dominant feature in South African society,” Siviwe Vamva, a member of the South African Students Congress, reports the BBC.

The organization will hold a national strike next week to bring attention to its efforts against racism.

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