Store Owner Says One Bethune-Cookman Student Is Allowed Inside at a Time | News |

Store Owner Says One Bethune-Cookman Student Is Allowed Inside at a Time | News |

Published February 28, 2008

Posted Feb. 26, 2008 –  The Florida branch of the NAACP is looking into complaints from students at historically Black Bethune-Cookman University that a gas station and convenience store near the campus discriminates against African Americans.

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 In the window of the local Citgo gas station in Daytona Beach , Fla. , is a sign that states: “B.C.C. 1 Student At a Time!” One student pointed out to, "It's very ignorant of him to single us out. There’s other universities and colleges in Daytona Beach , Florida . Bethune Cookman University is not the only college in this town."

That student, Superior Jones, said it looks like a throwback to Jim Crow.

"The sign never said that the kids can't come in. I said one at a time, that's it," the store operator said. "I just want one kid at a time. That's all. That's the store’s policy. That's it."

But some students say it’s all about race.

"He don't know who's a student and who's not a student when they come in the store; you know, people have friends. I got friends," one student said.

An NAACP spokesman said they are investigating why BCU students are being singled out.

"Every student from Bethune Cookman University does not steal," another student said.

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