Racist Pee Stew Video Was 'Play Acting,' Lawyer Says | News | BET.com

Racist Pee Stew Video Was 'Play Acting,' Lawyer Says | News | BET.com

Published February 29, 2008

Posted Feb. 29, 2008 –  The disturbing video that recently surfaced showing White South African college students purportedly giving food they urinated on to Black workers to eat was just, “play acting,” according to a lawyer for the students.

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Since the tape was made public, two of the students involved were suspended by the University of Free State and could possibly face charges, reports the BBC. The other two are former students of the university, reports CNN.  But Nico Naude, an attorney for the students, says his clients had not actually urinated on the food, but they edited the video to make it appear as if they had.

Two of the students involved also deny serving the Black workers urine, reports CNN.

"Although, as was intended at the time, it appears to viewers as if one of the persons urinated in the traditional brew which was prepared, it most certainly did not take place and a close study of the particular insert will confirm that the – totally harmless – liquid was squirted from a bottle," said the statement.

The students also say that the tape was meant to be satirical and that the Black school employees on the tape participated willingly and knew the food wasn’t urinated on, reports the news service. According to them, the workers, "knew the purpose for which it was made" and "as is evident ... clearly enjoyed it."

Lawyers for the Black workers, however, say they were tricked into participating in the video and are taking criminal and civil actions against the students involved and the university, reports CNN.

Under South African law, a person can be charged with assault and crimen injuria, when a person purposefully degrades another person's dignity with racial slurs or obscenities, reports CNN.

Protests over the video, like in the picture above, ignited across the college campus Wednesday, resulting in five arrests.

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