Detroit City Council Wants 'Hip-Hop Mayor' To Step Down | News |

Detroit City Council Wants 'Hip-Hop Mayor' To Step Down | News |

Published March 21, 2008

Posted March 20, 2008 – The Detroit City Council wants its so-called “Hip-hop Mayor” to hop on out of office. Still, the embattled leader of the beleaguered Motor City says he ain’t hatin.’

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"My reaction is, OK, now since it's over, it has no effect, it's not binding, let's get back to work," Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick told reporters following a 7-1 vote by the council on a resolution asking him to resign. "I don't blame anybody on council. The incredible scrutiny and overwhelming pressure of the media - you all are something – it's probably tough for anybody there."

Criticism against the married, 38-year-old, earring-wearing mayor reached a boiling point in recent weeks amid revelations that he had been carrying out a steamy love affair with his top aide. Kilpatrick and his chief of staff, Christine Beatty, had exchanged thousands of lurid text messages, which were made public by Detroit media, contradicting court testimony from both parties that they had not been involved in an affair. Kilpatrick has since gone on local TV to apologize and beg for the public’s forgiveness. Apparently, judging by the council’s resolution, he didn’t beg hard or long enough.

The council members offered up 33 reasons Kilpatrick should walk away. Among the charges are that he kept them in the dark on a deal he made to pay off a whistleblower, that he “repeatedly obfuscates the truth” and that he is just plain ineffective when it comes to running a major city. In addition, The Detroit Free Press reports, “there is an overwhelming and growing sentiment amongst citizens of Detroit that the City Council should stand firm against Mayor Kilpatrick and seek his resignation.”

Of course, Kilpatrick doesn’t see it that way, saying nobody can handle crisis better than he. "I don't think anybody in this city could have stood up to that scrutiny but me. No, I don't think it will affect us at all. I think we will keep moving forward."

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