Jesse Jackson Calls for Black-Brown Coalition | News |

Jesse Jackson Calls for Black-Brown Coalition | News |

Published April 7, 2008

Posted April 7, 2008 –  The Rev. Jesse Jackson says that it’s time for Blacks and Latinos to stop battling and to join forces for common concerns.

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On Saturday, the civil rights leader urged the formation of a “Black-Brown Coalition” to push for immigration reform, school safety and other needs.

“How do you honor Dr. King’s legacy 40 years later?” Jackson asked. “We go to schools together; we work in hospitals together; we vote together; we raise our youth together. So we must learn to live together.”

His call for a union between the two minority groups came at the headquarters for his Rainbow-PUSH headquarters on Chicago’s South Side.

On May 1, that coalition will get its first major test when Jackson and other activists will march for the legalization of the America’s 12 million to 13 million undocumented immigrants.

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