Christine Beatty Will Be Allowed To Walk Tether-Free | News |

Christine Beatty Will Be Allowed To Walk Tether-Free | News |

Published April 8, 2008

Posted April 8, 2008 –  The city official believed to be Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's ex-lover won't have to wear an ankle-monitoring device, after a judge reversed a previous order requiring it.

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Last week, Michigan Magistrate Steve Lockhart chastised Beatty, who was ordered not to travel without court permission after she and Kilpatrick were charged with perjury and other felonies for allegedly lying under oath last year.

Kilpatrick and Beatty denied having an extra-marital affair with one another, and denied having fired police who were investigating a case that would've exposed their relationship. But text messages between the mayor and Beatty, his ex chief of staff, later suggested a cover-up between the two.

Beatty was required to get permission from the court before leaving Michigan. Yet she admitted last week that she bought a plane ticket to travel south, without asking the court, in search of new job prospects, since her resignation. Lockhart ordered Beatty to be tethered with an ankle monitor, and said she can no longer leave Michigan under any circumstance. But a higher-ranking judge reversed Lockhart's order during an appeal on Monday.

"The court doesn't believe this is a case where a tether is warranted," 36th District Court Judge Paula G. Humphries said.

Beatty is still required to get permission before leaving Michigan. She and Kilpatrick are scheduled to attend a pre-trial conference April 18.

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